Portrait and General Photography for the Lehigh Valley

Paul Sell began taking photographs as a child with his first camera, a Polaroid Swinger Land Camera. He inherited his father's Konica rangefinder during his teenage years and continued photographing family and friends. In 1980, while interning at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia, he bought his first "serious" camera, a Nikon FM with a 35mm lens. It was at the Morris that he began improving his photography while shooting such assignments as color slides of the Arboretum's various trees, shrubs and flowers. He also shot black and white for the newsletter and learned to develop film and make prints in a darkroom. Over the years, while involved in other careers, he continued to photograph both personally and for publicity purposes in his work. Always interested in taking his photography further, upon retirement he took the opportunity to develop his knowledge with courses at Bucks County Community College and various photography workshops. In 2012, he decided to open Paul R Sell Photography with a focus on general portraiture.